Hydraulic Herbicide Booms


Hydraulic Herbicide 1P-1LADO - 2P-1LADO

Hydraulic herbicide boom 1 side

One side hydraulic herbicide boom.

Standard equipment

- Reinforced galvanized chassis.
- Double effect pistons.
- Reinforced polyethylene screen and folding spring system special transport.
- MULTIPOSITION horizontal arms by the exclusive system MANUAL EXTRA DISPLACEMENT.
- With protectors to prevent breakage of the screen.
- Serial device with support base.
- With Turbo TeeJet® Induction Drift sprayers on steel tube.
- No water or hydraulic connections.



 pistonmovimiento2movimiento1brazo herbicida1brazo herbicidatype
mod. mm mm º mm nº / type
H1P-1L 1 - 600 95º* 700 3 x Turbo Teejet® Induction Antideriva
H2P-1L 2 300 600 95º* 700 3 x Turbo Teejet® Induction Antideriva

*Mod H1P-1L / H2P-1L
without inclination screen cylinder, inclination doing with the same piston as side sift

MOD. 2P-1L

Hydraulic Herbicide 1P-1LADO - 2P-1LADO

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