Mulcher Fenix

Mulcher with hydraulic folding system for grass and pruning up to 7 cm Ø máx

Mulcher for all kinds of works for pastures, stems of corn, grass, shrubs, sunflower, fallows. Reinfoced machine destined for intensive works.

Standard equipment

-     Central linkage of folding by 2 hydraulic double effect cylinders and third security cylinder for blocking during transport.
-     Control of height 4 rotating wheels or back roller Ø220mm (specify in the order).
-     Row of counterhammers in ”U” shape.
-     Two mechanic back-door.
-     Bands of protection in very reinforced iron.
-     Supports of rotor and rotor of hammers very reinforced.
-     Double transmission by belts of great output.
-     Track pins and cardan joint with free wheel.
-     Accident prevention precautions according to CE regulations.
-     Note: all models are supplied with series hammers; except when specified with blades in the order.



 ancho laborpesocuchillas4martillos2cvrpmdiscosAB
mod. mm kg C.V. R.P.M mm mm
TFX500 5000 2980 44 88+44 120-250 1000 5400 1380 1200
TFX640 6400 3380 48 96+48 160-250 1000 6800 1380 1200

Mulcher Fenix

Mulcher Fenix




Mulcher Fenix
Serial device with 4 wheels or back roller
Mulcher Fenixr
Central mower in option
Mulcher Fenix
Centered fixed coupling very reinforced
Mulcher Fenix
Independant rear doors


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