Mulcher Super Mulcher Super

Reversible mulcher for grass and pruning up to 12-15 cm Ø máx


Special mulcher designed for heavy work with pruning residues of up to 12-15 cm diameter, in olive groves, vineyards, fruit orchards, citrus, grass, etc. 

Standard equipment

- Special chassis made in Domex 8 mm steel.
- Hydraulic rear door for inspection.
- Hydraulic displacement 500 mm over a zinc coated solid bar.
- Coupling very reinforced.
- Gearbox with free wheel included.
- Helicoidally hammer rotor.
- Oscillating bearings.
- Protection hub for avoid shocks.
- Gearbox and transmission to pulley with protection.
- Chassis with angle anti-hits.
- Axis of the oversized rotor 60 mm
- Special tensile for belts with third pulley by bolt
- 5 belts type XPB
- Rear roller 170 mm diameter with scrapper.
- Rear roller adjustable horizontal and vertically.
- Support with protection for back roller bearings.
- Two rows of counter hammers (One of detachable counter hammers and a reversible profile at the entry of double cut)
- Anti-projections aystem with front iron plates and chains.
- Collecting rakes with booth carry-rakes
- Track pins and cardan joint.
- Accident prevention precautions according to EC regulations.



 ancho laborpesocuchillas3cvrpmdiscosABC
mod. mm kg C.V. R.P.M mm mm mm
TSU180 1800 840 20 65-80  540 5 2100 1350 1100
TSU200 2000 900 22 65-80  540 5 2300 1350 1100
TSU220 2200 960 22 80-100  540 5 2500 1350 1100

Trituradora Super


Mulcher Super detail
Mulcher Super detail
Mulcher Super rotor
Helicoidal Rotor
Trituradora Super disco
Accesories: Ecological inter rows disc

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