Front Coupling Machines


Front Coupling Machine Sweep-duo

Pruning sweeper with double head

Sweeper for pruning remains of fruit trees, citrus trees, vineyards, olive trees, etc.

Standard equipment

- Double head of nylon fingers or rubber flaps.
- Special system of fast coupling.
- Adjustable trestle in height for making an easy hooking and unhooking to the tractor.
- Possibility of set up other accessories Niubo.
- Manual commandment with 5 levers with system of flow-adjustment of the sweeper in the same commandment and operation of the headssweepers
- Hydraulic tubes included.
- Hydraulic movements of the 4 cylinders: independent height adjustment of the arms and strength of the heads.
- Accident prevention protections according to EC directives.



mod. kg
PSD02 2
(regulación alargamiento manual)
(without displacement cylinder; manual regulation)
(régulation allongement manuel)


PSD04 4 195


Front Coupling Machine Sweep-duo




Front Coupling Machine Sweep-duo
Piece of coupling to the tractor.
Front Coupling Machines
Trestle with regulation of height.
Front Coupling Machine Sweep-duo
Protection cylinder inclination.

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