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In May 2007, Mr Jordi Serrate, with 29 years old and after more a decade of work together with his father, Ángel Serrate, a person who was very recognized in Spain in the world of the agricultural machinery; he decides to give a step improve and to change the system till then taken of import of products to the own manufacture of agricultural machinery.

He is at the time when he starts the project that for so many years this one had had in mind, which was to produce totally a great range of implements of agricultural machinery and to attend with great professionalism the clients so much in Spain as out of it with products of the highest quality to a correct price.

At this time, there is effected the purchase of a manufacturing plant of hydraulic elevators for tractor very recognized in Spain and Europa's report and step by step they are increasing both the human team and the different types of new products like: shredders, mowers, millers, sweepers, shrub clearer, etc.

Thanks to a great effort and a great work on the part of many people, the company Niubo begins an exponential enormously positive growth, being consolidated as brand in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, etc.
Only during this period there happens one of the major blows for Mr Jordi Serrate and all the members of the company, that it is the biggest loss of his father, Mr Ángel Serrate; which is an irreplaceable piece for the whole people who composes the group Niubo.

Then, our manager and the team nearest to him decide to take again with great more force what until this day had been obtained and especially to work with professionalism and rigor as Mr Ángel Serrate showed each and every of the team that composes Niubo.
Nowadays the company Niubo relies on a team, both in production and in the technical and commercial part, of a great experience in this sector, which is a very important point to support this constant growth and our commitment to improve day after day to satisfy our faithful clients.

For this reason, we want to be grateful to the whole human team of workers and clients for the position that has reached the brand and the products Niubo around worldwide.

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Discover NIUBO Group with everything that can offer you and to share as his expectations of success have been easily obtained thanks to the quality and technology of his machinery "NB Agricultural & Forest"

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