Forklift and Implements


Forklift Eco Stil

Forklift Eco Stil

Hydraulic forklift duplex up to 700 kg of charge max.

Masts duplex system with profiles of elevation in sheet stamped of steel antiwear of own production and own molds with special bearings with covering adjustment.

Standard equipment

- One double effect central lifting cylinder.
- Lifting chains.
- Folding forks.
- 1 Movement: vertical.
- Pipes of hooking to the tractor.
- Accident prevention protections according to EC directives.



 elevacionkgelevadorpeso AB CD
mod. mm kg kg mm mm mm mm
EES1808  1800 700 180 630 1435 1680 900
EES2208  2200 700 195 630 1435 1880 900
EES2508  2500 700 210 630 1435 2025 900

Forklift Eco Stil


Forklift Eco Stil
Direct hoses to the tractor. Linkage CAT I

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