Interstocks And Cultivators


Interstocks Cultivatorsn Snake Duo

Set of interstocks for mounting on cultivators, semichisels or carry-interstocks

Interstocks left and right for mounting in cultivators or semichisels for a depth of work between 5-10 cm and speed of work of 5-10 km/h. Flow of necessary oil between 6-10 lt/min.x 2.

Standard equipment

- 2 Spike rod
- 2 antiwear blades L=370, L=500 or L=620 mm depending on the model.
- 4 or 6 fins depending on the blade.
- 2 Simple effect special cylinders.
- Independant limitor valve of pressure.
- Hydraulic tubes to the tractor.
- 2 Pieces for hooking interstock to cultivator Thor and Golden.
- Important note: both hydraulic pipes always have to go connected one to pressure and other one to return without pressure (to tank).
- Accident prevention protections according to EC directives.



 ancho laborSIDE
mod. A mm  
ISD370 2 x 370 RIGHT + LEFT
ISU500 2 x 500 RIGHT + LEFT
ISU620 2 x 620 RIGHT + LEFT



Snake Duo Intercepas
Snake Duo Intercepas
Snake Duo Intercepas

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